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Auto Pier Flip Option

Auto Pier Flip Option

Given the concerns expressed at inclusion of auto-flip capability the auto flip support itself is dependent on an EQASCOM setup screen option (as presented when selecting properties from the ASCOM chooser).

In the “ASCOM Telescope Chooser” click the [Properties] button to display the ASCOM setup window shown below. You can also display this window by accessing:

Start |  Programs | EQMOD | EQASCOM | Scripts | Setup EQASCOM

Only if this option is checked is the user able to set EQASCOM to perform automatic flips. Assuming this is the case the auto flip action itself can be enabled/disabled via Limits Setup form. If enabled the flip is applied whenever the RA limits are reached (so not necessarily at the meridian). The PC will issue a short two tone beep sequence prior to initiating the flip to give you time to clear the area, prepare catch falling eyepieces, cut any snagging cables and hit the emergency stop!

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