Edit Star List

Edit Star List

It may be desirable to delete one or more stars from the stars that have been used for alignment without completely resetting all the alignment data or you may simply want to verify the alignment for the stars that you have used for alignment.

Clicking the [EDIT STAR LIST] button on the setup screen will open up the “Alignment Star List Editor” window. The editor displays all of the current stars that have been used for alignment. If the editor window is already open, you should close and re-open the editor in order to display the current alignment information.

If the alignment appears faulty, you can click the [Delete Star] button to remove it from the list. If the number of alignment objects drops below 3, EQMOD will revert to 1‑Star alignment mode.

Using Edit Star List as a Bookmark

The “Alignment Star List Editor” window could also be used as a means of bookmarking objects.

  1. Select the “Append as n‑Star” option.
  2. Slew to the object and centre.
  3. Using your planetarium, “Synch” the object. It will be added to the list of alignment objects in the “Alignment Star List Editor” window. Remember to close & open the window (if necessary) to refresh the content.
  4. Remember the number of the object in the editor window.
  5. Later on you can click on the object in the editor and then click on the [Goto Star] button.

Note: An even better method of bookmarking objects is made possible by an add on application called EQTour.

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